Holiday Time… How to keep up the steps?

So I am on holiday. I arrived at my cousins boffy house, next to the large farmhouse, up a long track away from the road and city streets.

A long way from the city streets. I can hear nothing but my two cousins snoring and the ravens cawing.

It’s a misty start… Tomorrow we drive to Cornwall. Port isacc to be exact. A lovely fishing port. Filmed here, is Doc Martin and Fishermen’s friends. Both great to watch!

If you like sea shanties!

How, how how to keep the steps up?

Published by Phylispaget

I educate, I watch films, I observe. I observed myself 'sitting at my computer' putting on the pounds. This is my journey to move more, lose weight and transform into a healthy, not scraping my feet on the ground sovereign being.

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