105, 336 steps!

I did it! Exceeded my target of 80,000 steps for the week. 10,000 a day plus 20,000 to ensure 2lbs loss.

I usually weigh myself on a Saturday morning but this morning, Friday. I just had to see. Yes! 14 stone 7 lbs. That’s a 2lb loss this week.

9lb in total.

Another 14 lbs to go until I’m at the lowest weight I have ever got to. Bring on the weekend.

Famous Brick lane
When will the people return?

Published by Phylispaget

I educate, I watch films, I observe. I observed myself 'sitting at my computer' putting on the pounds. This is my journey to move more, lose weight and transform into a healthy, not scraping my feet on the ground sovereign being.

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