Epsom Salts – A skin tonic✨

When I got home last night, my daughter was out. Great I could make my own light dinner. Quick as a flash sweet potato wedges in the oven and a bean burger.

Hopped in the bath after putting two cups of Epsom Salts in and turned up radio 4 to catch the mainstream news (there are many types of news around nowadays).

Lay back and AAARGH! I have got an inside leg rash on both thighs where the trousers rubbed when I was walking.

It was worse than when I put a blistered foot into the Dead Sea.

Gradually, the pain subsided and I relaxed. Appreciating the goodness of the Salts.

Published by Phylispaget

I educate, I watch films, I observe. I observed myself 'sitting at my computer' putting on the pounds. This is my journey to move more, lose weight and transform into a healthy, not scraping my feet on the ground sovereign being.

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