I wanted to say single, overweight, 50 year old but I thought that was a bit down on myself.

So instead I’ll say I’m a free woman, no one tells me what to do. Well that is accept my capricorn, straight talking 20 year old daughter. I am overweight, although it’s not obvious I’m just a big girl so it kinda spreads across the whole body.

A few summers ago I met a big man. Tall and strong I was scared of his manliness. His hands were huge but I found myself inviting him to Cornwall and bedding him two days in. That put that to bed. My emotions were out of control.

I have lost weight before over the last 20 years I’ve lost and gained. All within 13.6 to 15.2. I like 13.6 everything slides on, I still have curves. My feet are light. It feels good.

This blog is about my journey from March 2021 onwards. I hope there will be men and I hope there will be weight loss. As a Virgo in Venus I look like I’m in my 40s.

Published by Phylispaget

I educate, I watch films, I observe. I observed myself 'sitting at my computer' putting on the pounds. This is my journey to move more, lose weight and transform into a healthy, not scraping my feet on the ground sovereign being.

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