15 stone 2 pounds…

Omg! The heaviest I have ever been, and I’m a vegetarian!

January 2021… I look okay. These size 14 trousers with the elasticated back, from Seasalt, fit okay. They are the tall variety. Nice and long.

Relax your tummy mummy. Says my amazing daughter.

I am relaxed. Somehow I alway manage to hold my tummy in. I let go… I’m pregnant. I can’t be, I’m over 50. I looked from the front, side and checked out the video later when I was doing some kundalini yoga breaths.

My stomach was massive. Legs not too bad, in good shape due to cycling but my bottom was/is huge. During Jo wicks workouts, my daughter loved to film them. Then I got to see the size of it. Massive… Expansive… Large… Things have to change.

So we started eating less, smaller vegetarian portions. Out went the fried poojas and all the other bread foods. Things had to change.

This was when, in January 2021 after 10 months of in the chair teaching with a spattering of in the class teaching. Plus a quick visit to France in August. I bought the scales.

Scales reveal all. There is no hiding. Both my daughter and I looked at the scales and weighed ourselves. I was 15 stone 2 pound. I am 6 foot tall. I was not happy. This was the heaviest I had been.

Plus I am single. I would like to meet a man. Most definately a man who has done some work on himself. No more picking unavailable men like my father.

This is my journey to losing that weight, becoming healthy and fit and finding my soul mate.

Eating less but not losing…

We weigh in. Like I said, shocked. The heaviest I can remember but I know I’ve been heavier, I just didn’t weigh myself.

In February, as well as reducing portion size we went vegan. In the first week I weighed in. (every Saturday is weigh in morning). I had lost, according to the scales, 6 pounds. I was now 14.10.

Whoop whoop… A big loss. Maybe I didn’t read them right to begin anyway I too this as a huge success.

The only way is down… Then on the next Sat I was 14.11, then next 14.11, the 27th February 14.11.

What was going on? Eating less but not losing…

Published by Phylispaget

I educate, I watch films, I observe. I observed myself 'sitting at my computer' putting on the pounds. This is my journey to move more, lose weight and transform into a healthy, not scraping my feet on the ground sovereign being.

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